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Pauline may be one of the smallest Döttling luxury safe by dimensions, but it is a giant when it comes to aesthetics and quality. Outwardly, it is a tribute to the extravagant luxury of the Belle Époque. However, its inner life is entirely tailored to a highly sophisticated clientele. In addition to perfectly crafted drawers for jewelry and documents, it houses a portable jewelry case, which can optionally be equipped with a GPS transmitter.

As much as Pauline, our high-security safe, delights the eye of the viewer with its opulent elegance, from the first touch it also fascinates with its technical finesses. With the gentle release mechanism of the safe lid covering the hidden input unit, the opening mechanism that is charmingly camouflaged with a belt clasp, and the removable jewelry case – and also with regard to engineering – Pauline is a safe that can only come from Döttling.

A Pauline by Döttling not only reflects your own personal style on the outside, its interior, too, is entirely tailored to your needs. Whether watches, documents, weapons, shoes or jewelry, we give your valuables an exclusive home and the highest security. Whatever it is that you wish to keep in your Pauline, regardless of shape or number, you specify what we should put into practice. You’ll be spoiled for choice with the luxury of endless possibilities.