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Luxury safes from Döttling are generally at home in the exclusive domiciles of discerning private customers around the world. With one exception: the 5* Hotel Safe. It is extremely compact and easy to use. However, as far as its development went, we made it anything but easy on ourselves. This also applies to the manufacturing. In other words, our new 5* Hotel Safe offers exactly what makes all of Döttling’s products unique: our commitment to unparalleled beauty and singular quality. Two of the most exclusive hotel projects in the world already rely on these qualities: the VIP suites of Admiralty Arch and Ten Trinity Square in London.

Easy and fast – this also applies to our new 5* Hotel Safe when it comes to installation in the existing decor: thanks to its compact size – 25 x 45 x 35 cm (H x W x D) – and its low weight of 26 kg, it can be integrated extremely well into wardrobes, desks, and other pieces of furniture. Mounting in the floor or in the wall is also possible.

The body of the 5* Hotel Safe is covered with the finest calfskin. As for the doors, calfskin has also been used – here it is quilted – with up to 57 different colors available for the leather and seams. Either harmoniously color-coordinated combinations or exciting contrast variations can be realized. The electronic locking system “Primor 3200” with emergency key is centrally positioned on the surface of the door and can be locked and opened in next to no time using a four-digit code that can be individually configured for each guest. The last combination entered to close the safe is also the new opening code – probably the world’s simplest system. And if the guest should forget his or her number combination, our 5* Hotel Safe can naturally be opened with a master code. The locking system is powered by a 9 V monoblock battery.

High-quality Alcantara has been used inside the 5* Hotel Safe. There is enough room here for up to six watch winders, among other things. Upon request, we can also integrate a USB port for charging cell phones or laptops.