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The Integrior by Döttling is the world’s first luxury safe drawer that can be individually integrated! Our innovation can be easily integrated into any type of furniture, such as a desk, cabinet, or dresser. We only require the dimensions of the recess and will then manufacture the safe drawer with a matching outer frame. Naturally, we individually adapt the drawer front to its environment, so it is not apparent at first glance that a safe is hidden behind it. To this end, a large number of high-quality wood varieties and a selection of the finest leathers are available to choose from.

For maximum security, we use a specially armored front plate that is made of the same material as Döttling’s Guardian: an in-house development made of several components, which can even withstand drills, saws, and sledgehammers. Opening the Integrior is only possible with a high-security transponder chip. So the valuables inside – e.g. watches, which can be placed, if desired, on integrated watch winders – are optimally protected. In addition, the safe drawer can be equipped with a vibration alarm. This registers even the smallest movement before immediately sending a signal to the house alarm system.

Of course, we not only offer the Integrior as a customized solution. We would be happy to integrate our new safe drawer into one of our safes, if desired. This would indeed constitute a very special kind of security summit.