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The Döttling engineers have made the impossible possible: The Bel-Air Magnus, which is nearly twice the size of its prototype, The Bel-Air.

Opening the two doors of this luxury safe from its center is like a matchless orchestration of strength and mass, exposing the wonderfully designed inner workings to the eye. It goes without saying that The Bel-Air Magnus possesses the same endless customization possibilities, both outside and inside, as every single object from the manufactory in Maichingen. Yet its powerful dimensions give it the rating of “outstanding”.

The Bel-Air Magnus is far more than simply larger and heavier than its “little brother.” The special locking system and the doors that open out from the center make it a unique demonstration of powerful elegance.

Nevertheless, its fulfillment of the highest-quality standards and extraordinary security requirements are the same as with every high-security safe from our The Bel-Air series. It is manufactured according to the most rigorous German industrial standard, DIN EN ISO 9001, and fulfills the European directives ECB-S/EN 1143-1.

For The Bel-Air Magnus we employ patented plating made of thermally treated hard sintering and ceramic stones with a hardness grade of 9 (out of 10). Our electronic locking system offers a number of security functions along with unexcelled convenience. It goes without saying that The Bel-Air Magnus also fulfills all insurance requirements.