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The Bel-Air is a handcrafted high-security safe of the luxury class, as unique as its owner.

This self-developed masterpiece represents a luxurious symbiosis of absolute technical perfection and consistent, timeless, elegant design. A testimony to the highest demands for the most demanding among us.

Through the individual selection of surface materials and an interior that can be selected completely freely, each masterpiece becomes your own personal The Bel-Air.

Of course, we make no compromises when it comes to the workmanship and security requirements.

You don’t purchase a Döttling safe for yourself alone, but also for future generations. So only the highest standards are good enough. This immovable focus on highest quality, combined with multistage, long-term test series, ensures the durability of our luxurious high-security furniture.

The Bel-Air is built according to the most rigorous German industry standard, DIN EN ISO 9001, and complies with the European directives ECB-S/EN 1143-1.

We employ patented plating made of thermally treated hard sintering and ceramic stones with a hardness grade of 9 (out of 10). Our electronic locking system offers a number of security functions along with unexcelled convenience.

Naturally, the luxury safes of The Bel-Air series fulfill all insurance requirements.