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Due to their compact design, Döttling Touch & Move precision watch winders are perfect for installation in confined spaces – for example in safes, wall units, display cases, counters, shelves, and much more. The innovative Touch & Move technology ensures that each watch winder in a panel can be controlled individually: rotational speed, rotational direction, rest periods, and also speed winding are individually programmable. Thanks to their small dimensions, the control surface of our Touch & Move precision watch winders can be integrated directly into the watch winder panel or elegantly integrated into another location in the room. Only one cable is required to connect the panel and the Touch & Move control unit.

As with all the products from the Döttling manufactory, our Touch & Move precision watch winders can be customized with a personal design. A wide range of accessories is available for this, including diverse decorative rings, refined control buttons, or the finest leather upholstery.