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The best way to protect valuables from unauthorized access is to make them effectively “invisible.” This is the idea behind Safiture, the world’s first and only line of security furniture by Döttling. It is a series of high-quality furniture that does not reveal the fact that the interior houses optimally protected storage for valuables of all kinds. But we also guard against threats in other ways – after all, we have been experts in this field for over 90 years. The valuable contents of the furnishings can only be accessed using a special mechanical or electronic release mechanism known only to the owner.

For example, the Closet Island has new, in-house-designed, high-security drawers with an integrated electronic safe lock. They are made entirely of steel with construction based on our safes. The interior is custom-made according to owner requirements, for example equipped with automatic watch winders or jewelry compartments. To ensure maximum security, the Closet Island can also be connected to a home alarm system. Special highlights of the Closet Island are fittings with bulletproof glass panes and drawer illumination. This allows owners to be able to view their valuables even when the drawers are closed.

As for individuality, the same applies for the Safiture security furniture series as for all of our products: there are hardly any limits to customers’ desires. Around the core – the security center – the safety furnishings can be produced in all imaginable sizes, décor, and materials so that they harmoniously fit into the customers’ present interior design. All work is carried out in finest, hand-crafted quality by selected leather specialists or cabinetmakers – either on-site or, on request, directly in our manufactory. This makes the Safiture security furniture line a fascinating combination of outer aesthetics and persuasive inner values.