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We admit it: At Döttling, we love to add a certain something to our products. This time, the certain something is a special secret: a high-security safe that is hidden in plain sight, as part of a sophisticated masterpiece of design. We call it our magic table – the
Mensa Magis.

The Mensa Magis is a wonderful piece of furniture in the literal sense of the words. At first glance, it serves as a refined table with simple noblesse. The surface is covered with finest leather, rendering it a statement piece. The side panels are made of bog oak – the kind of valuable and rare oak that only emerges after thousands of years in a moor. As a finishing touch, polished brass elements frame the panels. But you can even create some magic yourself: Choose from numerous other high-quality surfaces and put together a Mensa Magis of your very own.

If you take a closer look, then you’ll discover the seven compartments that serve as drawers. But it doesn’t stop at that. Some of the drawers can only be accessed and opened by means of a hidden, cleverly designed precision mechanism. And to top it all off, there’s a high-security safe integrated into one of these drawers, fulfilling the outstanding safety requirements you would expect from a Döttling product.

We’re very excited to have created a showpiece of such stunning beauty that reveals its true magic only if you – and no one else but you – choose to do so.

How will you use your very own coffee table? And will you divulge its secret to your guests?

  • Materials: 3000 year old bog oak, glossy finished brass, leather cover panel, interior entirely upholstered with Alcantara suede
  • Integrated high-security safe (security rating: Class 1 according to VdS 2450/EN 1143-1) with electronic 6-digit code combination locking system
  • 7 drawers with 5 hidden drawers
  • Dimensions: 1190 x 1190 x 446 mm (WxDxH)
  • Weight: approx. 255 kg