Legends No. 142

Manufactured in the year 1885 by the Schmid locksmiths in Amsterdam, Legends safe no. 142 is a unique example of Dutch blacksmithing art during the time of King William III. To the best of our restorers’ knowledge, its opulent locking mechanism and curved shape are one-of-a-kind. Along with its perfect high-gloss black lacquer finish and hand-gilded appliqués in white gold, the interior is breathtaking. The upper section houses a small humidor under a remotely controlled, illuminated lid. Cigars can also be stored in the safe’s larger interior vault, created from the finest poplar burl. Naturally, both humidors, made of Spanish cedar, are automatically humidified and maintained at an accurate temperature.


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The number and availability of high-quality antique safes are exceedingly limited, but there are no limits to the interior fittings of a Legends safe. Whether fitted with humidors, cocktail bars, jewelry compartments, watch winders, collector cabinets, or lockable drawers, the only premise is your own personal passion.

We realize every well-conceived fitment variation with the aid of state-of-the-art technologies and the finest craftsmanship.

All of the Legends safes by Döttling are alike in only one aspect: they are the grand expression of a lifestyle reserved for only a few.

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