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Around the world, Döttling luxury safes find homes among select connoisseurs and enthusiasts of the finest locksmith artisanry. They originate from the Döttling manufactory in Sindelfingen – in the heart of a region, which contains well-known companies like Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, and which stands for Swabian ingenuity like no other.

In this environment, we restore and build our bespoke safes with elaborate craftsmanship. What makes our objects so unique is our standard of unparalleled beauty and unique quality. We share this standard with our customers, putting it into practice every day.







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Our vault for beauty and quality

Mensa Magis

A magic secret in the center of your living room.

The new Döttling Gatsby

Brings colorful luxury to your home

Three questions posed to:

Walter Steinhilber, polisher

Three questions posed to:

Bernhard Ritter, electrician

Three questions posed to:

Alexander Dieterle, master locksmith

Three questions posed to:

Mihad Hoxhaj, painter

Three questions posed to:

Thomas Schick, restorer

The new Döttling Tabletop Humidor.

The finest in table art

Design that gets under your skin

Döttling weapons safes

Masterworks for hunters and gatherers

The Gallery

A safe that is very revealing

The Chest by Döttling

Miniature masterwork

A jewel of royal origin

Surprising dimensions

The world’s smallest collector room

The Döttling Fusion

Contrasting in perfect harmony

The Liberty gun safe

An idea more exclusive

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