The Fortress is the safest luxury safe in the world, available in the certified security classes VdS/EN 3 to VdS/EN 5. It is ready for connection to a burglar alarm including a “silent alarm” function.

We designed the interior of the high end safe with the objective of “maximum versatility.” Among its features the Fortress includes eight watch winders. Using specially designed software, each watch winder is individually controlled.


Dimensions / Weight

Height: 124 cm (48.82”)

Width: 67 cm (26.38”)

Depth: 53 cm (20.87”)

Weight: VdS class 3 approx. 595 kg (1,312 lbs)

Weight: VdS class 4 approx. 650 kg (1,433 lbs)

Weight: VdS class 5 approx. 710 kg (1,565 lbs)


The interior of the high-security safe was designed by Döttling with the objective of “maximum versatility”. Inside the Fortress, there is also a humidor made of original Spanish cedar. The CIGARSPA electronic humidifying system ensures that the treasures inside the humidor are always stored under ideal climatic conditions. A hygrometer and a barometer, both from Wempe, stylishly provide information about humidity and air pressure. Metal fittings in polished finish.

The Fortress is also available in other configurations and color combinations upon request.

Security rating

Available in the VdS/EN security classes 3 to 5.


Starting from 153,500.00 EUR (ex works, exclusive of sales tax)

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