The Chest

Demonstrating the greatest artisanship using the smallest space is quite an unusual challenge, and is, therefore, ideal for us at Döttling. We faced this challenge and created an entirely new series of miniature high end safes called the Chest. The design is inspired by antique Italian and French masterworks of the late eighteenth century. The technology inside each Chest is, however, a far cry from yesterday.



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Dimensions / Weight

Height: 37 cm (14.56’’)

Width: 31 cm (12.19’’)

Depth: 30 cm (11.81’’)

Weight: approx. 19 kg (41.89 lbs)


In spite of his extremely compact design, „The Chest“ has a fully functional locking mechanism with a double-bit key safe lock.

When the carefully handcrafted mechanism is opened, it reveals another unique feature of the Chest series: Although their appearance is that of historic masterworks, the inside is filled with state-of-the-art technology. Döttling precision watch winders, for example.

The discreet illumination system always puts the treasures housed inside in the perfect light.

An additional high-tech feature is the optional, higher priced, integrated alarm system: When the Chest is removed from its position, a deafening alarm sounds to discourage thieves. Should the safe ever be burgled, however, it is equipped with a GPS device that always enables its precise location to be tracked.

As with all of the products leaving our manufactory, the finest materials are used to create the Chest, for example braided, patinated steel bands combined with ornamental upholstery nails on the body of the luxury safe and an interior of the finest nubuck calfskin.

„The Chest“ offers space for eight watches on four precision watch winders and four cushions.


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