The use of a luxurious, high end safe and limited space is no longer a contradiction. The innovative swing-door mechanism, which disappears inside the safe when opened, allows The Chameleon to provide excellent service in a very small space. While guaranteeing the highest security standards, this Döttling safe shares the characteristic of its shy namesake by adapting itself to its surroundings.


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The Chameleon takes the concept of customization into a whole new dimension. You choose the interior, material, and color here, as well as the body of the safe. High and narrow, low and wide, with single or double doors, subtly integrated into an existing piece of furniture, or boldly positioned for all to see – the choice is yours.

In fact, the only unchanging features here are the flawless aesthetics, perfect craftsmanship, and uncompromising quality. That choice is ours.


The highly flexible safes in The Chameleon series were originally created to meet the needs of various yacht owners.

Due to the unlimited scalability of height and width, The Chameleon is also increasingly integrated into dressing rooms, wardrobes, dressers, and similar locations.

Functionality Swing-door

Some say that the door of The Chameleon disappears upon opening as if by magic. We cannot confirm that, although the highly innovative closing mechanism of this adaptable masterpiece is, of course, ultimately the consequence of compelling engineering artistry.

What we can certainly attest to is that each Döttling safe exerts a magical allure on its viewers.



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