The Spike

A model which many find extremely sexy: The safe is covered with the finest black calfskin and studded with high-gloss polished chrome spikes. As the distinctive mark of Christian Louboutin shoes are their red soles, the Colosimo. The Spike also stands on a red base.


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Dimensions / Weight

Height: 22 cm (8.66’’)

Width: 22 cm (8.66’’)

Depth: 19,4 cm (7.64’’)

Weight: approx. 15 kg (33 lbs)

Description / Configuration

  • Entirely made of solid stainless steel
  • 3-digit combination lock, mounted on the outside of the door
  • 16 radially mounted, specially hardened lock bolts
  • 32 precision gearwheels in polished stainless steel
  • Mineral glass to protect the decorative locking mechanism
  • Safe upholstered with finest calf leather and high-gloss polished chrome spikes
  • Equipped alternatively with one or three Döttling precision watch winders


Starting from 23,600.00 EUR (ex works, exclusive of sales tax)

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