The Liberty gun safe

An idea more exclusive


Some great ideas come overnight and others come from close customer contacts and precise observation. We noticed that although there are many luxury safes, not a single one is constructed to store firearms, ammunition, watches, jewelry and cigars. That is now changing with the latest version of our Liberty safe.

Its design is based on that of The Bel-Air safe by Döttling. For example, we use the classic hand-sewn leather bands and traditional saddler’s nails and high-gloss nickel-plated protective corners. But the new Liberty gun safe has a special exterior highlight: It is upholstered in the finest black cowhide, lending it a very discreet appearance that is both rustic and elegant.
The interior of the Liberty gun safe is lined with precious calfskin. It provides seemly accommodation for ammunition, watches, and jewelry in six drawers. A humidor made of Spanish cedar ensures that your finest cigars are optimally stored inside the safe. In addition, the Liberty gun safe is equipped with six automatic Döttling precision watch winders. Last but not least, LED spotlights inside put your valuables in just the right light.

The latest Liberty safe is available both in a one-door and a two-door version. It is custom-manufactured according to our customers’ desired dimensions and available in the certified security levels VdS/EN 1 to VdS/EN 5. This – combined with an optional connection to a home alarm system – makes it insurable for nearly one million dollars.

The Liberty gun safe will first be presented in April exclusively at the premises of our new sales partner – another first – the interior designer Bernadette Schäffler in Dallas, Texas.

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