Three questions posed to: Mihad Hoxhaj, painter

The Legends No. 180 is my favorite safe.


What made you want to become a safe painter?

I was always talented when it came to handcrafts. I was also very interested in shaping things, making them more beautiful. This is only possible to a limited extent as an electrician or car mechanic, for example. That is why I chose to become a painter. Here I can use my manual skills and be creative.

What fascinates you most about working with luxury safes?

Before I came to Döttling, I was an automotive painter for classic cars. This was already handwork at a very high level, and there was no room for errors. But the work at Döttling tops even this. Here, everything needs to be 100% perfect. Our high-gloss finishes are so even and brilliant that you could use them as a shaving mirror. A grand piano is a snap in comparison. Transforming antique safes into the state they had when they were first made – I find this brilliant. Of course, it takes time. And we are given plenty of that here at Döttling.

Which project, or which safe, are you particularly proud of?

The Legends No. 180! I still dream about that safe today. As many as 16 to 20 clear lacquer coatings alone were used on the safe. That was 98% handcraft. In the end, I worked for over three months on this antique luxury safe and it had a little surprise in store for me nearly every day. But the moment when the Legends No. 180 was finally finished was indescribably beautiful.


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