Three questions posed to: Walter Steinhilber, polisher

The Legends No. 142 is my favorite safe.


What excites you about being a polisher?

It is always a special highlight for me when we revive a piece of history. If we have an antique safe, for example, which has been neglected for decades, and which then becomes smooth and shiny again – this is simply incredible. In general, I am also attracted to the accuracy and systematic approach my job requires: step by step, we achieve perfection, right down to the smallest detail.

What fascinates you most about working with luxury safes?

Luxury safes mean nearly limitless individuality. Every customer has different preferences when it comes to visual appearance and technology. This makes the work varied and exciting. And in the end, when you finally see the gem that has been revealed and have contributed to the result – this is an indescribably beautiful feeling.

Which project, or which safe, are you particularly proud of?

My first safe at Döttling was an antique piece: the Legends No. 142 from the year 1885. It was very warped and dented, a true original. And a real challenge for me to start out with. It certainly aroused my ambition. And I think the result is something to be proud of.

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