Three questions posed to: Bernhard Ritter, electrician

Our “Collector Rooms” are my favorite.


What made you want to become an electrician?

It all actually started in my childhood. Like many other boys, I had an electric train. But I didn’t just play with it, I also disassembled the transformer. I just wanted to know how such a thing works. This passion for everything connected with electronics has accompanied me right up to the present day. And it will probably never leave me.

What fascinates you most about working with luxury safes?

There are no off-the-shelf solutions here. Each safe is built individually, based on the requirements of our customers. This also makes the work in the electronics area exciting and varied. What’s more, creativity is required to implement customer wishes that often appear impossible at first. This is precisely what appeals to me.

Which project, or which safe, are you particularly proud of?

To begin with, I am generally proud of the fact that with each safe, we are always able to fulfill the wishes of our customers – even ones that are highly unusual.

But to be more specific, our “Collector Rooms” spatial concepts are very special indeed. Just about everything from my area of work is involved: from the fingerprint high-security lock through Touch & Move precision watch winders to sophisticated light installations.

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